Finally some issues with the Lotus

Had a great trip to the Peak District in the Lotus. However, I have finally experienced some true problems with the car.

Ever since the clutch was replaced I noticed that 2nd gear would occasionally crunch when engaging it. It happened again during the organised Lotus in the Peak run. This time it got worse because eventually I couldn’t even pull it into second gear at all. The shifting then resolved itself but soon after I lost drive in 2nd gear all together.

There are no nasty sounds changing into gear either so it is all a bit of a mystery. The gearbox is coming out on the 2nd of August to be sent away to Alan Voights.

Not only did I have a gearbox problem but also found that I was leaking coolant on what was quite a warm day.

This is all part of the experience, it certainly demonstrates the love / hate nature of owning one of these cars! I’ll post another update when I know more about the troubles.

Posted by cdrives