First Track Day in the Lotus

Visiting Castle Combe for the Club Lotus track day event was brilliant. I had slight reservations about taking the car on track initially. But after a little encouragement from a few people including Gerald who looks after the car, it was an easy decision.

The car on track is amazingly different to how it normally feels on the open road. When the tyres and brakes get up to temperature the car comes into its own. Through the corners the car is so sticky. Even in something like an Esprit which can be considered a little larger than your average Elise or Exige.

I would recommend anyone who owns a Lotus to take it on track because it really shows you what the machines can do and arguably what they are built to do!

The only thing I would recommend to other Esprit owners would be to look at getting your brakes upgraded. Whilst mine didn’t suffer too badly from brake fade (and it is on original brakes) I was conservative with them and braking early in case we had any sudden lack of braking.


Posted by cdrives